Biggest user of the poo emoji (country)
0.48 percentage
Canada ()

Canada is the country that makes most use of the infamous "smiling pile of poo" emoji. That was the finding of British touch-screen keyboard developer SwiftKey when they drilled down into their data to find out the nations in which particular emojis are used the most. The results, announced in April 2015, show that the poop emoji accounted for 0.48% of all emojis posted by Canadians, compared to 0.38% for Australia, 0.34% for the USA and 0.25% for the UK.

As well as revealing Canada as the biggest poo user, the data – which contained more than a billion emoji use records – also showed that the slice of pepperoni pizza is most popular in the USA, the winking smiley is biggest in Britain, beer gets the most use in Australia, while the French have a passion for hearts – sending four times more than any other country.