Highest altitude game of women's football (soccer)
Equal Playing Field, Salma Mukansanga, Jonesia Rukyaa, Emilie Aubry, Vikki Allan, Morag Pirie, Jacqui Hurford, Dawn Scott, Kim Smith, Rajvi Ladha, Upendo Leonard, Regina Marcel, Petra Landers, Grace Blankenship, Maggie Murphy, Monica Gonzalez, Jasmine Henderson, Haneen Khateeb, Nikki Riley, Lisa Handy, Sandrine Dusang, Erin Blankenship, Paige Uttley, Kirsty Darlington, Maja Astrom, Dipa Adhikari, Rasha Alkhamis, Saja Kamal, Jacqui Hannon, Katie Donegan, Laura Youngson, Ashley Hall, Lisa Clutterbuck, Deena Rahman, Lori Lindsey, Josefina Martorell, Yasmeen Shabsough, Danielle Richards, Sasha Andrews, Rachel Unitt, Megan Kinneman
5,714 metre(s)
Tanzania (Kilimanjaro)
Age Restriction: Applications for this record title will only be accepted if the applicant is 16 years of age or over.

The highest altitude game of women's football (soccer) is 5,714 m and was achieved by Equal Playing Field, at Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, on 24 June 2017.

The women played the match to challenge the inequalities women face in football and sport more widely, and to inspire new generations to get involved in sport. They were joined a documentary team and a BeIN Sports TV crew to try to spread the word as far as possible. Despite chances on both sides, excellent saves from both keepers ensured the game ended 0-0.

The women set off on June 18 from the base of Mt Kilimanjaro in Arusha with a support team provided by Nature Discovery, Tanzania. It took six days to climb to Stella Point (5756 metres) before they descended into the volcanic crater of the mountain to set up the game.

Players battled altitude sickness and shortness of breath during the match, as well as the low temperatures in the crater.

The players included two-time Olympic gold medallist Lori Lindsey (US), England legend Rachel Unitt, former German star Petra Landers, former Mexico captain Monica Gonzalez, Canadian national Sasha Andrews, French national Sandrine Dusang, former FIFA World Cup referee Jacqui Hurford (née Melksham) and pro players and competitive amateurs from Argentina, France, Indonesia, Jordan, Sweden, the UK, US, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. The match was officiated by FIFA Referees Morag Pirie (Scotland), Salma Mukasanga (Rwanda), Jonesia Rukyaa (Tanzania) and Assistant Referees Vikki Allan (Scotland), and Emilie Aubry (Switzerland).