Longest tail on a big cat (in proportion to body size)
snow leopard Panthera uncia
40–50% percentage
Russian Federation ()

Relative to its total length, the species of big cat with the longest tail is the snow leopard Panthera uncia, native to the bleak mountainous ranges of Siberia in far-eastern Russia, and several major eastern Asian countries, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Nepal and Bhutan. The head-and-body length of this species ranges from 75 cm to 150 cm, whereas the tail length varies from 80 to 100 cm. In other words, the tail length accounts for 40–50 per cent of the animal's total length.

Not only is the snow leopard's tail very long, it is also very thick, as it is used as a storage region for fat to help this species survive in its extremely cold, mountainous habitat. It is very thickly furred, too, with the animal using this fur as a blanket-like protection for its face and body when sleeping.