First team to beat the King's Fall raid in Destiny
"Gothalion" , Doug "Gunny629" Schunemann, John "Rebelize" Miller, Sam "Teawrex" Bowman, Ben "ProfessorBroman" Bowman, Noah “Charionna” Millman
United States ()

On 19 September 2015, a six-player fireteam led by Twitch broadcaster and shooter fan "Gothalion" (USA) became the first group to beat the "King's Fall" raid from Destiny's The Taken King expansion – dubbed the biggest and most difficult challenge yet from Bungie's FPS series. News of the success was Tweeted at 12:53 am, just under 13 hours after the raid's 10 am release.

The six-man team was completed by "Gunny629", "Rebelize_", "Charionna" (USA), "TheTeawrex" (USA), and "ProfessorBroman" (USA).

"Rebelize_" recorded most kills with 1,397 and had a KD of 11.36. "Gothalion" and "TheTeawrex" were tied with most assists at 489.