Most decimal places of Euler's number memorized
Maike Anthony dos Santos Silva
10,122 total number
Brazil (Belo Horizonte)

The most decimal places of Euler's number memorised is 10,122 and was achieved by Maike Anthony dos Santos Silva (Brazil) in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, on 6 February 2022.

What inspired Maike to try and break a Guinness World Records title was the number of decimal places he needed to memorize. Breaking that record would require most of his memory skills and therefore it would be a great challenge.

Maike discovered that he could achieve this GWR title when he started studying memorization techniques through books three years ago. After that, he discovered that human memory has immense potential when stimulated with the right methods, and can even retain thousands of random numbers.

The preparation started in February 2021, when Maike first started memorising 1008 digits each day for 9 days and 1050 digits another day, using a visualization technique invented by him.

After the memorization, he divided his days between studying and reciting the digits. He used to record his voice speaking all the digits and listen to the audio afterwards to correct them.

The training was extremely tiring. At first, it took Maike about 6 hours to recite all 10122 digits and another 6 hours to correct them. Only after much practice was I able to recite them quickly and correctly.

Fortunately, there were no technical problems, but even after waiting so long for this day, the final hour was frightening: "I was afraid of making a mistake and disappointing my family and those present at the attempt. Despite being very anxious, I managed to recite all the digits correctly as planned."

Holding a Guinness World Records title would mean that Maike was able to improve his memorization skills to the point where they were "notorious at the international level".