The International Cat Association

TICA® (The International Cat Association) is the world’s largest genetic registry of pedigreed and household pet cats. The knowledgeable breeding of pedigreed cats preserves the distinct characteristics of individual pedigreed breeds and ensures the continuation of predictable physical and behavioral traits for future generations. TICA supports the health and welfare of all domestic cats through education, knowledgeable cat ownership and proper care to the owners of millions of cats worldwide. TICA is headquartered in Harlingen, Texas, USA, and administers the rules licensing and management of hundreds of cat shows annually across the globe in 104 countries. The Association currently recognizes 71 breeds of cats.

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Longest domestic cat living

The longest domestic cat living is a Maine Coon called Barivel from Vigevano, Pavia, Italy, who measured 120 cm (3 ft 11.2 in) long from nose to tail as verified on 22 May 2018. Barivel lives with his owner Cinzia Tinnirello (ITA).