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Earthwatch encourages your class to explore five topics revolving around a theme that touches us all: the environment.

Through these classes, children will be encouraged to showcase their hard work through fun activities and discussions, highlighting their voice for change.

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Every lesson includes a step-by-step explanation of the objectives and of the activities.

Moreover, Earthwatch provides teachers with insights from Guinness World Records 2022, to allow pupils to be inspired by record-breaking environmental heroes.

Guide your students as they explore habitats far and close, from their local community to the South and North Poles.

Changemakers banner

Lesson 1: Changemakers

What is a changemaker? What causes matter the most to your class or your community? What kind of positive impact can our gestures have on the planet?

Take inspiration from Hall of Fame 2022 inductee Mya-Rose Craig and read more about recycling and climate change.


Conservation banner

Lesson 2: Conservation

What is conservation, why is it important and how does it link to biodiversity?

Encourage your pupils to discover the habitat they live in by using different art forms to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination. Read more about Conservation at p. 50 of Guinness World Records 2022.


Eco-engineers banner

Lesson 3: Eco-Engineers 

An ecosystem is a community of living and non-living things that work together, and eco-engineers work hard to maintain a balance within this very special community.

Through this cycle of lessons, your class will learn what is an eco-engineer, and how do they use their skills to protect the environment. 


Polar regions banner

Lesson 4: Polar Regions

Encourage your students to record and present information from non-fiction whilst they learn about the Polar Regions, showcasing their climates and the changes animals went through to adapt to this habitat.

Accompany your class on a fictional expedition to either the North or South Pole, and gather insights on these habitats from Guinness World Records 2022.


Rebuilding earth banner

Lesson 5: Rebuilding The Earth

What impact do we have on the planet? Rebuilding the Earth is all about restoring a balance and creating a healthy planet where humans can live in harmony with nature. 

Learn what a nature-based solution is, and how they can help rebuilding Earth in urban environments.


For every class, encourage your students to share what they've learnt with friends, family and local community.
Spreading their new findings and comparing experiences with adults and fellow classmates can be a great way to inform and inspire! 

Find your Guinness World Records 2022 copy here.