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London, UK – 17 September 2020: Guinness World Records (GWR), the global authority on record-breaking achievements, can reveal the record-holding stars of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS 2021 (GWR2021), which is launching in stores and online across the UK today.

Despite the impact of the pandemic, the newest edition of the legendary book is jam-packed with astounding records that will help readers discover the world around them and question why someone would want to travel over 120km/h on a motorcycle while performing a headstand, and how exactly you train a rat to jump through a hoop eight times.    

The record-breaking superstars revealed today include:

FRANK FAEEK HACHEM (UK)- Shortest bus driver – 136.2cm 

Frank Faeek Hachem, from Hampshire, broke the record for Shortest bus driver by measuring 136.2 cm (4ft 5.6 inches) in height. After driving a regular car for more than 20 years, in 2018 Frank decided to take his bus driving test. With no special modifications in his bus, all he has to do is adjust the seat and the steering wheel and he is ready to go! He loves meeting different people every day and helping serve his community: it’s a source of pride for Frank, especially as a key worker in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak.

MARCO GEORGE (UK) - Fastest speed on a motorcycle while performing a headstand / handstand – 122.59km/h

Marco George from Hampshire broke the record for Fastest speed on a motorcycle while performing a headstand / handstand when he reached 122.59 km/h (76.17 mph). A trained stunt rider, Marco started learning headstands in 2017 and soon wanted to incorporate them to his routines. Once he got comfortable with the headstand while moving, Marco kept trying to beat that record as a personal challenge that tested his bottle, strength and skill. With months of dedicated strength and wind-resistance training, Marco achieved the Guinness World Records title. 

ECHE CHINOSO (NIGERIA)– Most consecutive football (soccer) touches in one minute while balancing a football on the head - 111

Nigerian based, Eche has been developing his soccer skills since he was 8 years old and after three years of practise he achieved the record title for the Most consecutive football (soccer) touched in one minute whilst balancing a football on the head with an impressive 111 at age 11. He trains twice daily to develop his skill set and has his eyes on future records with several ideas in the pipeline. On hearing he would be featured in GWR2021 he said “I am the happiest person in the world, my family and Nigerians will be proud of me”.

LUKE ROBERTS (UK) - Most alternating paw tricks by a rat in 30 seconds & most jumps through a hoop by a rat in 30 seconds – 28 tricks & eight jumps through a hoop

Luke Roberts from Watford, UK, broke two rat-related records with his two male rats, Freddie and Frankie, whom he calls ‘The Boys’. Luke and Freddie broke the record for Most alternating paw tricks by a rat in 30 seconds with a total of 28 tricks, as well as Most jumps through a hoop by a rat in 30 seconds, with a total of eight. Living and training with Luke since they were three months old, both rats are now a year-and-a-half-old. It took six to eight weeks of nightly training to prompt each rat to perfect their respective record (but of course, this all dependent on them being ‘in-the-zone’). ‘The Boys’ are now taking some much-needed time off, and Luke is hoping to train them again for future records.

MICHAEL FERRERI (SPAIN) - Most consecutive overhead juggling catches with seven objects – 71 juggling catches

Michael Ferreri, 23, from Camas, Spain broke the record for Most consecutive overhead juggling catches with seven objects with a total of 71. At the age of nine, Michael learnt to juggle using three objects and began to practice the sport professionally at 11. He has since practiced every day to build his skills to the level he is at today, where he can juggle seven items at once. Although it took him many years to be able to juggle, it took him just over four months to perfect the speed required to achieve this record title.

ZORAWAR SINGH (INDIA) - Most skips on roller/inline skates in 30 seconds – 147 skips

Zorawar Singh, 21 from India is a multiple Guinness World Records title holder and has made it into GWR2021 with his record for the Most skips on roller/inline skates in 30 seconds with 147. Zorawar was initially a discus thrower in high school, but after a horrible injury which forced him to give it up he took up skipping to regain his fitness. He then went on to compete in the jump rope world championships and decided then he would go and become a Guinness World Records title holder to be the best in his field. After training 6 days a week for up to 4 hours per day he achieved the record and already has plans to set more record titles in celebration of GWR Day in November this year. 

Other record-breakers revealed today include:

Paul Scardino (USA) – Largest collection of Funko Pop! figurines – 5,306 items

• Gary Duschl (USA) – Longest gum wrapper chain – 2,555,68 m (106,810 ft)

• Jericho, owned by Hugh and Melodee Smith (USA) – Longest horns on a yak - 346.4 cm (136.4 in)

• Sarah Louis-Jean (Canada) – Most floor taps with boleadoras in one minute – 385

• Luis Mengual Romero (Spain) - Fastest 0-60 mph acceleration - electric kart (prototype) – 2.218 seconds

• Eva Clarke (Australia) – Most chest to ground push-up burpees in 24 hours (female) – 5,555 push ups

• Eva Clarke (Australia) – Most pull ups in 24 hours (female) – 3,737 pull ups

• Eva Clarke (Australia) – Most knuckle push-ups in 24 hours (female) – 9,241 knuckle push ups

• Eva Clarke (Australia) – Most burpees in 24 hours (female) – 12,003 burpees

• Yoshikazu Sanada (Japan) – Largest collection of One-Piece memorabilia – 5,656 pieces

The new book embarks on a voyage through the vast panorama of record-breaking in 12 fact-packed chapters:

• Travel through the Solar System and see the planets come to life with a free augmented-reality feature

• Encounter the cutest, weirdest, most dangerous and exotic creatures on our home planet

• Meet the world’s tallest, shortest and hairiest humans

• Marvel at the latest high scores, speed runs and players at the top of their game in eSports and beyond

• Get the lowdown on the world’s most successful and prolific actors, musicians, TV stars and influencers

• Review the greatest sports achievements from the past year and celebrate today’s top athletes

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS  2021 (RRP£20) is available for purchase in stores and online from 17th September 2020, with discounts widely available.

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