London, UK (October 5, 2017) –  In honour of the first ever Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals launch, a book totally dedicated to the fastest, tallest, strongest, strangest and most talented animals in the world, Guinness World Records today reveals a slobbery addition to its record breaking family.  
Mochi “Mo” Rickert, an eight-year-old St. Bernard from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA, has got tongues wagging as the new Guinness World Records title holder for the Longest tongue on a dog. With a tongue measuring a whopping 18.58 cm (7.31 in) in length, Mochi is constantly stopped on the street by strangers in awe. Mo smashes the previous record held by a male Pekingese named Puggy whose tongue measured 11.43cm (4.5 in).
Mochi found her forever home when she was two years old, through Big Dogs Huge Paws rescue organisation. It was “love at first sight,” says owner Carla Rickert who drove 11 hours with her daughter to meet Mo before adopting her. Carla describes Mochi as a “resilient, happy-go-lucky dog, with a big personality.” Mo also enjoys dressing up in costumes, having her picture taken, spending time with her family, or snacking on sweet potatoes.   
Obstacles Mochi faces as a result of her long tongue include breathing challenges, extra slobber when she’s nervous, dirt, dust and leaves sticking to her tongue and needing help to pick things up off the floor. Treats also have to be given to Mochi in a particular manner as she cannot grab onto them the same way other dogs do. 
On Mochi’s achievement, Carla said: “It still does not seem real! Mochi is so humble, she never brags or boasts but I know that she is as proud of her new record as we are. It feels truly amazing to be a part of the Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals book!  We are so grateful for the opportunity to make other's smile.”
On announcing the new record title, Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals said: “We are very excited to welcome Mochi and her record-breaking tongue to the Guinness World Records family as part of our new publication, Amazing Animals. Amazing Animals is not your typical animals’ reference book. Instead, it takes a sideways look at our favourite pets and wild animals, and is a chance for us to celebrate the barking mad side of animal record-breaking. So alongside the classic fastest, largest and tallest record-holders, you’ll find the most talented, most followed and most pampered creatures on Earth. It’s a hoot!”
A must-read for animal lovers, Guinness World Records: Amazing Animals (£9.99) explores crazy animal stories and fascinating facts from the wild and is available in stores and online now. 
Also featured in the Guinness World Records collection is the Guinness World Records 2018 (£20.00), the ever-popular annual back for its 63rd edition. Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2018 (£9.99), the ultimate guide for gamers everywhere, is also out now.  

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