Each week here on guinnessworldrecords.com, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.
This week’s Classics video returns to the incredible moment Kapil Gehlot (India) pulled a 2,205 kg (4,861.193 lbs) car over 40 m... using only his beard.
Heaviest vehicle pulled by beard - front view
The challenge was held in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India, in 2012 and earned the 24-year-old a Guinness World Records title for the Heaviest vehicle pulled by beard.
To achieve the record, the attempt had to take place on a perfectly level surface, and from a standing start.
It took Kapil 1 min 47 seconds to achieve the distance.
The strong stuntman can also haul cars with his facial hair while wearing roller-skates - a talent which he uses to promote roller sports in India.
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