Tallest bottle sculpture inside photo colombia

A magical Christmas tree created to welcome the festive season achieved a world record after many months of planning. 

The shopping complexes Centro Chía and Agua Cristal teamed up to create the tallest plastic bottle sculpture, measuring 29.97 m (98 ft 1.95 in) and unveiled it in Chía, Colombia, on 4 November 2023. 

The main purpose of the record was to raise awareness about the environment and its conservation. 

Both record holders wanted to embrace the community and inspire the public to engage in eco-friendly practices that promote the circular economy and environmental sustainability. 

The remarkable sculpture was created using 96,985 recycled plastic bottles collected two months before the tree was assembled. 

Tallest bottle sculpture record holder colombia

The masterpiece fuses art with environmental conservation, seeking the perfect balance between economic and social development and environmental protection. 

Centro Chía strives to maintain creativity, work, commitment and persistence to be naturally unique. - General Manager of Centro Chia Shopping Center, Martha Patricia Carreño Heredia. 

 The company Agua Cristal played a fundamental role in the project's execution, supporting the collection of recycled bottles with neutral plastic certification.  

The plastics used in its containers and packaging, such as polyethylene terephthalate for bottles, high-density polyethylene for caps, and polypropylene for labels, have been recovered, recycled, and transformed. This means the use of virgin raw materials has been avoided, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  

Tallest bottle sculpture at night with light

The transformation of the plastic bottles brought warmth, joy, and hope to the Christmas season. 

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The assembly took three months and 78 people working eight hours a day to complete. 

Conquering a Guinness World Records title goes beyond recognition for Centro Chía; it is a testimony of the commitment of our community, partners and collaborators to make a difference in the world. - Martha Patricia Carreño Heredia. 

For the record holders, this achievement is the result of new ideas, leadership and results that will generate a long-term impact.  

"In Centro Chía Naturalmente Único, we believe in cooperative work and in the importance of thinking about our future generations. We want to tell the world that together we can make a difference to care for and protect our planet," Martha added.

Centro Chía Shopping Complex and Agua Cristal broke the previous record for tallest plastic bottle sculpture, which reached 28.1 m (92 ft 2.29 in) and was achieved by Caroline Najib Chaptini and the Municipality of Chekka (both Lebanon), in Chekka, Lebanon, on 14 December 2019. 

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