sky elements drone show split image

A festive drone display has earned two jolly Guinness World Records titles just in time for Christmas.

Sky Elements Drone Shows (USA), who also earned a record with their patriotic Fourth of July display, put on a show that would be sure to get them a spot on the Nice List.

The public show was staged on 17 December in North Richland Hills, Texas, USA, for a 2,000-strong crowd and will go down in history after setting records.

A host of festive images were beamed into the night sky by the drones, but two particular ones became record-breaking.

A stunning image of The Nutcracker from the holiday ballet set a new record for the largest aerial display of a fictional character formed by multirotors/drones with 1,499 drones used to create the picture.

sky elements drones make a nutcracker

Drones lit up the sky with red, white and blue colours arranged to create the image of a Nutcracker standing proud and tall on top of a plinth.

The image spun around to give everyone in attendance a good look at it from every angle.

sky elements girl with nutcracker drones

The same number of drones formed the image of a Christmas tree in front of a window with snow falling outside to set a new record title for the largest aerial image formed by multirotors/drones.

A giant Christmas tree, complete with ornaments and a star on top, appeared in the sky for the beautiful display.

sky elements christmas tree scene

Presents lay wrapped and ready to be opened underneath the tree, that stood in front of a paned window, adorned with red curtains, as snow fell outside to create a perfect Christmas scene.

1,500 drones were launched for the show, and just one was excluded from the final count after failing to launch. It took 40 crew members to put the show together.

sky elements drones christmas tree

Preston Ward, Chief Pilot of Dallas/Fort Worth-based Sky Elements Drone Shows, said: “It was so amazing to break two Guinness World Records in my hometown once again. There’s nothing better than bringing the holiday spirit to families and I think this show did just that.”

As well as setting two world records, the 700-ft tall drone show was also the largest and tallest ever witnessed in the state of Texas.

sky elements drone show santa

Tickets for the event were free, but limited, and quickly sold out.

Everyone attending watched the drone show from the comfort of their cars and could tune into a radio station to listen to accompanying music.

A toy collection was also held by the North Richland Hills Parks and Recreation Department to be donated to the Community Enrichment Center.

sky elements drone show certificate presentation

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