Greg Reynolds breaks one arm push up record

One of the interesting elements of our record holder stories are the unique backgrounds they each represent.

Some are full-time educators, others volunteer on the weekends, but a number of them have served in the military for their respective nations.

Greg during record attempt

That’s why in honor of Armed Forces Day, we’re proud to be highlighting Greg Reynolds, a staff sergeant who lost his left clavicle, scapula, shoulder, arm and hand, and has since dedicated his life to inspiring others.

Greg broke the record for the most one arm push ups carrying a 40 lb pack in one minute with a total 54 despite having more challenges than the average person. 

For him, it was about proving himself and others around him that anything was possible.

Greg in the army

“After my injury one of my goals was to pass the Army physical fitness test which included a minimum of 42 push-ups. Push-ups became therapeutic for me both mentally and physically as it reinforced what I could still do. I saw the video of the previous records holder and he had two arms. I thought what the heck! How can you hold the one-armed record when you have two arms? The fire was lit! I knew I could attain a new record. The training plan was put together and I went to work.”

Knowing he’d have to strength train and anticipate his form, Greg worked with professionals to get a proper regiment down, which included nutrition and hydration as part of his routine.

Pliability coupled with strength and conditioning, were two areas he alternated as part of his set schedule for a span of six months.

Greg persevering through the record attempt

For Greg, much of his drive came from motivating those around him. 

He not only chose to do the attempt at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City where he frequently visited children who were new amputees, he also started his own uplifting organization called Makin’ Lemonade.

“Makin’ Lemonade is the company that I established to inspire and promote a positive and active lifestyle when life has handed you lemons, which can pertain to a number of life’s events. When life hands you lemons, it’s YOUR choice what you do with them! I strive to live my life being a positive and inspiring example to others to never give up.”

Greg Reynolds in the military

Although Greg had to approach this record challenge in a way most wouldn’t, he stresses that disabilities do not define a person, they are just a condition.

It took some time for him to adjust to his “new normal” after losing his left arm, but he learned just how far one can go when they set small obtainable goals in an ambition to get to the final objective.

He’s now very proud of his accomplishments, which Include not only becoming a Guinness World Records title holder but also serving in the United States military.

Greg during record-breaking attempt

“The military had a profound lifelong impact on me and forever shaped me into the man that I am today. I’m very grateful for all the liberties my country has and the countless numbers of men and women who died defending our freedom. May we never forget their sacrifice!”