Ahead of the thrilling climax to the World Cup between France and Croatia, another record relating to the tournament was set in Shanghai, China.

On Sunday 15 July, work by more than half a million people from cities across China culminated in the completion of a giant mosaic to set a new record for CapitaLand Retail of the Largest sticker mosaic (image)

The picture included the "ace" players of 32 teams and their national landmarks in Russia 2018, forming a huge 385.3 m² (4,147 ft² 33 in²) puzzle composed of 154,000 stickers, each measuring 5 cm x 5 cm.

largest sticker mosaic 3

Work on the mosaic started on the opening day of the tournament with the mosaic divided into 35 pieces and sent to CapitaLand shopping malls across the country for people to complete.

The separate pieces were were then delivered to Shanghai for final completion with the final pieces assembled at CapitaLand's Xinzhuang shopping mall in a district of Shanghai on the eve of the World Cup final in Moscow.

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