The Mother India’s Crochet Queens group has just broken a Guinness World Records title for the third time, after unveiling the Largest display of crochet sculptures.

Members of the organisation - from all over the globe - handmade thousands of items and sent them to the organisation’s base in Chennai for counting.

Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Swapnil Dangarikar then had the tough job of verifying each individual piece, but he was finally able to confirm a new record of 58,917 crochet sculptures.

Largest display of crochet sculptures

This significantly bettered the previous record of 13,388 crocheted sculptures that was achieved by British group, The Craft Club, back in 2014.

Subashri Natarajan was the woman behind this immense project, having masterminded the group’s previous successful record attempts too.

She established the group back in 2015, hoping to revive the art of crocheting while simultaneously helping those in need by donating fabrics and raising money.

Largest display of crochet sculptures certificate

She decided on a theme of “Go Green, Save Earth,” for the giant display and the many participants who picked up their crochet hooks and yarn for the attempt really got behind the topic.

They created all sorts of colourful items, depicting the evolution of humans and planet Earth from the beginning of time to present day.

Largest display of crochet sculptures scene

Most members of Mother India’s Crochet Queens are women from India, but the group is also inclusive of men, children and people from all over the globe.

The people who helped make the largest crochet sculpture display ranged from six to 86 years old.

The organisation achieved the Longest crocheted scarf – team in 2017, creating a giant 14.089-km-long (46,223 ft 9 in) accessory and then cutting it up and distributing it to the poor.

Their first record was the Largest crochet blanket, but this has since been broken.