Everyone loves a Ferris wheel, but have you even seen one without a centre?

Standing 142.52 m (467 ft 7 in) tall, this impressive structure on the shore of the Bohai Sea in Weifang, is the Tallest centreless observation (Ferris) wheel in the world and aims to attract more tourists to the area.

While a conventional Ferris wheel contains a centre with spokes coming off it, this one - built by Weifang Bailang River Scenic Spot Management Co., Ltd., China Construction Sixth Engineering Division Corp, Ltd. and Zhejiang Juma Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd - has no such thing.

Tallest centreless observation wheel view

Instead of rotating, the wheel itself in China's Shandong Province remains stationary and acts more like a track with the cabins moving around the outside.

It took the builders four years to build foundations and weave 4,600 tons of steel pipes into the record-breaking wheel, which has 36 viewing cabins that take up to 10 people each on a 30-minute journey.


The wheel has been built on the double-deck Bailang river bridge which is 540 metres long and consists of a 190-metre-long main bride and 350-metre-long approach.

The main bridge contains two levels; the upper part is a road for motor vehicles while the lower part is pedestrianised and also the entrance of the Ferris wheel.

Tallest centreless observation wheel cabin

It is said that the metal frame design of "the eye of the Bohai Sea" is inspired by the back of the flood dragon with the whole wheel designed to look like a ridge and in the shape of the dragon going to sea. 

Tallest centreless observation wheel sunset

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