Collage image of Largest LEGO brick caravan showing Ben The Brick Builder Craig the exterior of the caravan and the lego stove with lego frying pan and egg

A brick-tastic new record has been set for the Largest LEGO® brick caravan, which consists of a staggering total of 288,630 individual bricks and took five weeks to complete. The record attempt took place in Brisbane, Australia. 

The record was achieved by John Cochrane Advertising, who created the concept, Caravanning Queensland and Top Parks, who sponsored the event, and Ben "The Brick Builder" Craig, who oversaw the building of the caravan (all Australia). 


The LEGO brick caravan was modelled on a 1973 Viscount Royale and was built to scale.

Ben Craig outside caravan

The caravan consisted of basic amenities such as running water and electricity, as well as some home comforts. These included a checkers board, flowers and flower pot, milk and cheese in the fridge, a piece of toast, a saucepan and fried egg, and the Aussie staple, a jar of Vegemite, ALL made of LEGO!

Top of the stove with frying pan and fried egg

Ben even slept in the LEGO bed, after accidentally locking himself in the work room overnight.


Top Parks is an Australian vacation company involving campgrounds and holiday villages, and the caravan was built and hosted at the Top Parks Brisbane Holiday Village.

The idea for the LEGO caravan came after John Cochrane Advertising decided they wanted "something big" to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Queensland Caravanning and Camping Show which could be taken to different venues, including caravan expos, parks, and shopping centres.

caravan from the outside

Ben Craig, also known as The Brick Builder, was commissioned to draw up the design and start the building process, while Caravanning Queensland and Top Parks got involved to sponsor the project.

The original design of the caravan was created through a 3D design CAD programme, which calculated the number of bricks it would take to create the main structure. 

This design was then followed by Ben and his team of the builders.

Ben Craig inside the LEGO caravan

Each builder had an iPad app that they used while building which allowed them to log the each brick count that they placed onto the model as they were building.

The building process and the structure was confirmed by independent witnesses; a civil engineer and a representative of LEGO®, who confirmed the legitimacy of the process.

LEGO toast and Vegemite

The caravan went on a small tour of the park before being presented with their official Guinness World Records certificate by Adjudicator Brian Sobel. 

In attendance was Channel 10 and 7 news, the team who created the caravan, and guests and families staying at the park.

lego caravan team with certificate

Top Parks were thoroughly impressed with the project and keen to try their hand at more record breaking with the other partners.

"We want to do more! This project has made us like family," – Top Parks

However, it seems Ben would like a well-deserved rest (not on a LEGO bed this time!) before embarking on a new project, after saying he thinks he can "finally get a good night’s sleep”.

A guess the amount of bricks in the caravan competition was also held at one Top Parks site, with a $500 gift voucher prize, which someone won by guessing within 10 bricks of the correct total.

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