Rhodes 101 Stops Convenience Stores recently decided to break a thirst-quenching world record in honour of National Lemonade Day. 

The attempt took place in Cape Giradeau, Missouri, with volunteers lining up to fill a cup that measured 13.74 feet tall in order to take the title for the Largest cup of soft drink. 

Largest cup of soft drink 3

Starting their day at 6:15 in the morning, Rhodes 101 Stops employees began filling the mixture with lemonade mix and water, under the supervision of official adjudicator Jimmy Coggins. 

The company needed to ensure they followed all Guinness World Records guidelines, including use of correct mixing portions, traditional ingredients, and certifying that the massive drink was safe to consume. 

Largest cup of soft drink 4

Though they had the daunting task of beating the previous record holder’s total, which stood at 3,246 US gallons, Rhodes 101 Stops Convenience managed to achieve a new total of 4,730 US gallons. 

Upon earning the title, Rhodes 101 Stops distributed the lemonade for free to attendees. 

Largest cup of soft drink 2

The giant cup currently resides next to the company’s Mercato di Rodi store in Cape Girardeau, Missouri before a planned move to a more central, permanent location to allow members of the community and tourists to visit. 

Largest cup of soft drink

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