Thousands of people have become official Guinness World Records title holders after taking part in the world’s Largest yoga lesson, in honour of International Yoga Day.

A staggering 54,522 participants practiced their Downward Dog and Warrior 1 poses at the GMDC Ground in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Largest yoga lesson

The massive event was organised by the Department of Sports, Youth and Cultural Activities, Government of Gujarat and Patanjali Yogpeeth with the aim of getting young people into the physical and spiritual practice.

Led by yoga guru Rishi Swami Ramdev ji Maharaj and a team of expert yogis, the class lasted for 40 minutes.

Largest yoga lesson bridge pose

There were five Guinness World Records adjudicators and multiple volunteer stewards on the ground counting the participants and making sure that only people actively taking part throughout the entire attempt were counted towards the record total.

Students came from all over India, including people from national and local yoga schools and members of the general public.

Largest yoga lesson aerial view

The event in Ahmedabad beat the previous record number by a huge 18,537 people, achieved on the first International Day of Yoga in Rajpath, New Delhi, India, two years earlier.