Sun Bingo has just achieved two Guinness World Records titles that were previously held by the company’s competitor

News UK’s online gaming brand hosted an event at the Blackpool sea front and invited people to come and take part two record-breaking games of bingo.

The first record achieved was for the Largest set of bingo balls.

Largest set of bingo balls Blackpool

Prior to the attempt, Sun Betting & Gaming Director, Tom Ustunel said: “Sun Bingo is known for having the biggest balls in the industry so it makes sense that we set the record straight.”

“Bingo is all about bringing people together to enjoy some fun and be sociable so it’s great that we can celebrate this day with a host of our most valued customers,” he added.

In order to achieve the record, GWR's records team required there to be at least 75 supersize balls in the set and a full game of bingo had to be played using them.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Lucia Sinigagliesi was on site to officiate the attempt and announced that Sun Bingo successfully achieved a new record with their set of 73 cm (2 ft 4 in) balls.

The next record was for the Largest bingo ticket / card, which was announced following a game of bingo in the famous Blackpool Tower.

largest bingo card

The enormous card measured 15.912 m² (171 ft² 39 in²). 

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Sun Bingo crertificate presentation

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