Just in time for summer in the US, the people of Michigan have achieved a new world record for the Most people making sand angels simultaneously. 
Most people making sand angels simultaneously 3
On the day of the attempt, a total 1,387 people gathered on Ludington Beach prepared to lay in the sand and spread their wings just on the shore of Lake Michigan.
The event was organised by Spectrum Health Ludington Hospital, and aimed to raise money for the facility’s cancer service centre. 
Most people making sand angels simultaneously 4
In order for Spectrum Health to receive the title, all partakers needed to spread their arms and wings in the sand while laying flat on their backs for 15 seconds. 
Titled ‘Be someone’s Angel”, participants at the event were asked to donate $20 each, and was tied into the “Love Ludington” weekend which celebrated the opening of the town’s Maritime Museum. 
The previous record was achieved in the UK by Keep Wales Tidy, with 352 participants. 
Most people making sand angels simultaneously 2
Casey DeSantis, who was present to adjudicate the event said, “The record attempt for the Most Sand Angels Made Simultaneously in Ludington, Michigan was one of the most well put together record events I've seen thus far. The sheer amount organization on display by Spectrum Health Foundation Ludington Hospital, combined with their ability to engage the local community, is a true testament to their commitment to raising funds and creating awareness for such a worthy cause. This achievement is well deserved.
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