Guardian Life Insurance Company of America invited employees and their families to “freeze” in the Scottsdale, Arizona (USA) heat for the Largest game of Freeze Dance (no elimination). 
Their first turnkey ENGAGE to Unite event, the company set out to break a record title as part of Guardian’s 100th Anniversary Leaders Club Conference. 
Largest game of freeze dance 2
The attempt required all guests to participate in the classic game of “Freeze Dance”, meaning all involved must dance to music in an open space, and “freeze” in motion as soon as the music cuts off. 
Those who moved during “freeze” portions of the dance were forced to do jumping jacks in a “penalty zone” on the sidelines until the music froze again. 
Largest game of freeze dance 3
With a DJ, Guinness World Records cut-outs for families to take photos, and volunteers handing out props for participants to dance with, the event was a high-energy hit with over 400 attending the event. 
After an official tally from adjudicator Michael Empric who was present for the attempt, a final count of 390 participants successfully achieved the record. 
Surpassing the minimum requirement by over 100 people, Guardian Life Insurance was able to celebrate a victorious moment with the help of its staff and families. 
Largest game of freeze dance 4
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