Just in time for the summer heat, AT&T kicked off the summer season in Los Angeles, California with their new record for Largest inflatable pool toy.

Taking the shape of a gigantic light blue swan, the massive bird was created to kick off their annual summer pool party.

Playfully nicknamed “Sally the Swan” the huge bird overlooked the shores of Hermosa Beach in California, where onlookers couldn’t help but snap at photo.

Largest inflatable pool toy 2

Though AT&T elected to create an inflatable swan, the official guidelines stated that any inflatable pool toy qualified for the attempt.

Measuring a massive 21.49 x 16.58 x 15.33 m (70.52 x 50.31 x 54.41 ft), both companies successfully achieved a record title fit for the most exciting of pool parties.

Largest inflatable pool toy 3

Sally, which was displayed for three days for beach goers to admire, has been packaged up and shipped to Miami, where she will make another appearance for the iHeart Summer '17 Weekend x AT&T.

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