Sony Pictures Television (Russia) has achieved a Guinness World Records title after its sitcom The Voronins – a Russian version of the American TV show Everybody Loves Raymond – became the Longest-running sitcom adaptation (by episode count).

The landmark television achievement was announced by adjudicator Richard Stenning, who visited the set during the filming of the 455th episode (the storyline of which had a Guinness World Records theme).

In the episode, Nikolay Petrovich (Boris Klyuev) pretends to be a renowned traveller who holds a world record. When his grandchildren Kirya and Filya realize he is lying, he decides to attempt a real world record.

On the set of The Voronins

Although The Voronins began as an adaptation of Everybody Love Raymond, after 201 shows the characters began to go their own way and follow different storylines to the original series.

The official record number is 400 episodes, as of 17 February 2017.

The Voronins cast and crew

Daria Leygonie-Fialko, Head of CTC Channel – on which the record-breaking episode was aired – said:

"Breaking a Guinness World Records record is an incredible achievement! Given the competition on television, this is something to be proud of. The Voronins' journey has lasted nine years and they are not going to stop, because of viewers' undying interest and nationwide love for the project."

Mikhail Rossolko, Creative Director of Sony Pictures Television Russia and Lean-M (the series' production company), added: "The Voronins family became dear to the Russian audience a while ago. I'm sure today many people will celebrate with us – now our series has an official record. And of course, we have to thank the two men who introduced this brand to the Russian market – Vyacheslav Murugov and Jeff Lerner – as well as the CTC network and all Voronins fans, who made this record possible."