On 5 October 2017, a brand-new virtual reality record was unveiled at the Festival of Marketing in London, UK – marking the first time that a conference audience has been given a chance to attempt a Guinness World Records title in the virtual world.

The record? Fastest time to build a 28-block pyramid in Steam VR (HTC Vive).

Fastest time to build a 28-block pyramid in Steam VR

The attempt was hosted by VR experiential specialists VR Centre, who worked closely with GWR’s records management team to develop a challenge that complied with GWR’s standard criteria for gaming records.

The challenge proved hugely popular with festival delegates. A constant stream of contenders strove to achieve a fast enough time to make it to the top of the leader board and be invited back for an official record attempt under the watchful eye of a GWR adjudicator. 

The record was broken three times over the course of the two-day event. The first person to set the record was Ross McGilchrist, with a time of 28.73 sec.

Fastest time to build a VR pyramid - Festival of Marketing from Guinness World Records on Vimeo.

That attempt was superseded at the end of Day One by Bree Nakatani, who shaved more than four seconds off the record with a time of 23.82 sec.

At the very end of Day Two, however, the official world record was set by an ecstatic Andrew Furness (pictured below), who completed his virtual pyramid in a lightning-fast 22.03 sec.

Andrew Furness

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