To celebrate Jordanian Independence Day, Royal Academy of Culinary Arts (RACA) created the Largest cookie mosaic ever, with the edible artwork measuring an incredible 187.04 m² (2,013.28 ft²).
The attempt took place in the Royal Academy’s garden in Amman, Jordan, under the supervision of Guinness World Records adjudicator Ahmed Gabr.
Students creating the largest cookie mosaic in Jordan
Assembled by 150 employees and students from RACA, the spectacular cookie mosaic depicted the Jordanian map in the colours of the country’s flag.
Largest cookie mosaic in Jordan
Once the record was confirmed, all of the 18,865 biscuits used in the attempt were distributed among guests at the event and donated to charitable organisations and refugee areas.
Certificate presentation for largest cookie mosaic in Jordan
The Royal Academy’s giant mosaic broke the previous record of 131.15 m² (1,411.26 ft²) which was achieved by Robin Hood and WE Day in support of the We Bake for Change campaign (Canada), at Evergreen Brick Works, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, only a few months ago.