Event agency E-360 A/S (Denmark) wanted to create an employee engagement day that would symbolise their slogan “A Strong Team Player” - so they organised an exciting mass participation record attempt that would strengthen their team spirit in the Holbæk Municipality.
An astounding 1,261 people gathered together in Holbæk Soccer Stadium and successfully became the Largest group of stompers.
Stomp or step-dance is a form of dance in which complicated rhythms and sounds are made using the dancers' bodies and often props as part of a choreographed routine.
For 45 minutes the group practised various rhythms taught to them by stomp professional Mr. Pete Glahn. Then they performed the complex record-breaking ensemble with a variety of makeshift instruments.
The ambitious piece lasted 8 minutes 10 seconds and when it was over Guinness World Records adjudicator Fortuna Burke presented the crowd with an official certificate confirming their new record title.
Speaking after the event, a spokesperson for E-360 A/S said: “The event was a great success that has indeed strengthened the team spirit of the employees.”