After a whole year of hard work, Portuguese lace-makers ‘The Rendilheiras’ recently completed the Largest bobbin lace.
The lace was presented at an event in the city of Vila do Conde in Portugal, on the Bobbin Lacemaker Official Day, to honour the historical handicraft tradition of the town.
Bobbin lace is an intricate textile made by hand that is created by winding material on bobbins and twisting lengths of thread to create particular patterns.
The skilled ladies who worked on the giant bobbin made 437 30 x 30 cm uniquely designed squares and then put them all together to create a visually spectacular piece of work.
To achieve the record, the bobbin lace had to be a minimum of 50 square metres, but The Rendilheiras’ masterpiece was an incredible 53.262 m² (573.3 ft²).
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Fortuna Burke attended the finished piece's unveiling and presented its makers with a certificate.
The artwork was then erected between the masts of a sixteenth-century ship that was anchored in the river Ave, while the city’s proud lace-makers and spectators watched.
The record-breaking piece was created to unite different generations through Vilo do Conde’s shared tradition and show others the art of the bobbin lace.