In a successful attempt to prove the efficiency of their latest engine technology, Audi UK recently set out on the #RecordRoadTrip and managed to visit 14 different countries on just one fill-up, achieving the record title for the Most countries visited on a single tank of fuel.
Audi teamed up with RAC who were in charge of route-planning, and their new Patrol Ambassador of the Year, Ben Wilson, followed the record-attempt car providing all-important roadside assistance, such as checking the car’s tyre pressure.
The record-attempt car was an Audi A6 TDI ultra and was driven by motoring journalist Andrew Frankel and racing driver Rebecca Jackson (both UK).
Audi RAC - cars
Taking them a total of 28 hours to complete, the pair started their journey in the Netherlands, moving on to Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia then Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and, finally Hungary.
They drove continuously, trying to maintain a speed of 50 mph, and by the time their tank had run out had travelled an extensive 1,158.9 miles, averaging 75.9 mpg.
Audi RAC - driving
The #RecordRoadTrip coordinator Simon Williams said, “Andrew and Rebecca’s achievement in setting a new Guinness World Records title for the RAC and Audi is phenomenal. We were very keen to use a standard executive class production car, the like of which is regularly driven through Europe by British holidaymakers every summer.”
By achieving this impressive record, Audi has proven the range capability of their advanced executive car and RAC have drawn attention to their five-star, market-leading breakdown cover.