With the Rugby World Cup 2015 well underway, the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, UK hosted a record-breaking rugby game for children this week, where 442 boys and girls from the area played a tag tournament in Old Deer Park continuously over six hours and became the Most participants in a touch/mini/tag rugby exhibition match ever.
Vicky Sharp ©
Taking place in an area not far from Twickenham Stadium, the council wanted to encourage local children to get involved in the community and have fun playing a sport that has so much cultural significance in the town.
To win the record each participant had to follow the rules of tag rugby, all pitches, balls and equipment had to be standard size, the game had to be officiated by a standard number of on-field referees, and there were to be no breaks.
Vicky Sharp ©
The kids were successful, scoring significantly higher than the previous record holder Firenze Rugby 1931 ASD (Italy) which achieved the title with 336 players in June 2013.
Richmond Council Cabinet Member for Sport, Cllr Meena Bond said: “We always knew Richmond’s young people were among the fittest and most competitive in London – they’ve been on the podium of the London Youth Games for the past two years, but they are world beaters. Well done to everyone involved – you’ve made Richmond proud.”
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