The Largest dance fitness class ever took place at the Enrique Garcia Sr. Avenue, Balanga City in Bataan Province, Philippines last week, and saw a staggering total of 16,218 people leave as new Guinness World Records title holders.
The incredible mass participation attempt took place as part of the city’s ongoing “Go4Health” initiative.
 Largest dance fitness class Philippines venue
A huge mass of participants from both within and outside the city fervently began gathering at the venue as early as three in the morning.
Thousands of students attended from the Bataan National High School, who made up the largest group of dancers on the day.
Largest dance fitness class Philippines children
Guinness World Records adjudicator Kimberly Dennis was on hand to count and verify the record, and she presented an official certificate to Balanga City Mayor Jose Enrique Garcia III and Bataan Governor Albert Raymond Garcia.
Speaking at the event, Dennis said: “I admire the people’s eagerness to earn the record. The people are very happy. I wanted to join them and dance with them”.
Following the Guinness World Records guidelines, the class lasted for over 30 minutes and was taught by professional Zumba instructors.
Largest dance fitness class Philippines instructor
The City of Balanga smashed the previous record of 6,630 participants which was achieved at an event organised by the Gobierno Delegacional de Iztapalapa (Mexico), at the Plaza de la Constitución, Mexico City, Mexico, on 25 March 2012.