Following the recent death of his grandmother, best-selling author, entrepreneur and property guru Rob Moore embarked upon a marathon speech to raise money for Sue Ryder’s Thorpe Hall Hospice Capital Appeal.

To become the current holder of the Longest Speech Marathon Guinness World Record, Rob had to beat Pothula Srinivasa Brahmanand’s 2012 record of an impressive 33 hours 46 minutes.

Under Guinness World Records guidelines, a speech is defined as, “the act of delivering a formal spoken communication to an audience,” meaning using footage, clips or audio is strictly prohibited.

Notes are allowed, written copy, autocues and prompters are not; making Rob’s 46 hour 21 minute-long achievement all the more impressive.

A veteran public speaker, tickets to Rob’s property education talks normally retail at upwards of £2,000. For his record attempt speech last month, tickets were sold at a donation-based price, representing great value for attendees while also a great boon for Sue Ryder for whom Rob generated £25,063.76 in proceeds.

The event attracted a great deal of attention throughout enterprise, property and business press with coverage in 30+ key titles including Yahoo Finance, Business Investment UK and The Finance Pages.

Speaking after the event Rob explained the motivation behind his record attempt, "In line with the current property boom, I wanted to share as many property investing strategies as I could to help entrepreneurs cash in. The problem for many is the cost of the equivalent training which would stand at almost £5,400.”

“I saw this world record attempt as the perfect opportunity for me to give back to people who want to cash in on the boom, and for them to help me break a world record I'm so pleased to hold. My Nan passed away in a home recently so I do feel an empathy with Thorpe Hall and I'm so glad I could help."