The sweet smell of success was in the air earlier this month in Mexico City, following an attempt at the Guinness World Records title for Largest hot chocolate party.
Largest hot chocolate party 4
Sanki Mayor, a nutritional product company, gathered participants at the local Banamex Center to try and break the record in honour of its seventh anniversary.
Largest hot chocolate party 5
With hundreds of cups being handed out to party attendees, official adjudicator Carlos Tapias Rojas was present to ensure that Sanki met the minimum requirements and followed the proper guidelines. 
Largest hot chocolate party
In order to successfully obtain the record, all participants had to be present for at least 30 minutes and enjoy one cup of hot chocolate as well as a food item of their choice. 
Largest hot chocolate party 2
To sweeten the delicious attempt, the company invited award-winning French chocolatier Stéphane Bonnat to whip up the record breaking cocoa for the party.
Largest hot chocolate party 7
At a grand total of 2,106 participants, Sanki Mayor of Mexico achieved a new and delicious record title. 
The idea of pursuing a chocolate record was inspired by the new dietary supplement that the company will be releasing in September, which contains the nutritious ingredients of the local Soconusco cocoa beans. 
Largest hot chocolate party 6