The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) has achieved the Guinness World Records title for the Longest floating bridge. The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge measures 2,349.55 m (7,708.49 ft) and connects Seattle to Bellevue, both cities in Washington State, USA.
Longest floating bridge Washington State
The new bridge was opened to the public this month during an event that featured activities for the community and a chance to bike, run, and walk across the link before it opens to traffic.
Longest floating bridge adjudicator
The WSDOT broke its own record which was previously held by the SR 520 Bridge, completed in August 1963 and measuring 3,389 m (12,596 ft; 2.39 miles) in total, with its floating section reaching 2,291 m (7,518 ft; 1.42 miles).
The expected life of the SR 520 Bridge and the increasing number of commuters from Seattle to Bellevue made the bridge renovation necessary.
Longest floating bridge Washington State cars
The WSDOT planned, funded and engineered this improved floating bridge that has been built adjacent to the existing bridge.
The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, took 15 years of community outreach and environmental review to create. It has a 75+ year life expectancy and is able to sustain winds of 89 MPH.
Longest floating bridge Washington State crowd
The bridge also features a pedestrian/bike lane, HOV lane, and new navigational features for boaters.