Kids TV character Igglepiggle held a record-busting party to celebrate the first anniversary of the In the Night Garden Magical Boat ride at CBeebies Land Alton Towers. 
The much loved character unveiled a giant polar fleece blanket measuring a total 98.80 m2 (1063.474 ft2) to mark the birthday event. 
Igglepiggle Largest Polar Fleece Blanket Alton Towers Guinness World Records wide
The super-sized blankie was lovingly created by Dreamtex as a recreation of Igglepiggle’s favourite possession in the hit CBeebies’s series. 
Made of red fleece material, blue stitching and clear thread, it took Dreamtex's team eight days to complete and weighs a hefty 70 kg. 
With a normal children’s blanket measuring 120cm x 150cm, the record-blanket can easily cover a total of 56 standard children’s beds.  
Igglepiggle Largest Polar Fleece Blanket Guinness World Records adjudicator
The record attempt was verified by Guinness World Records adjudicator Christelle Betrong, topping a special day of celebrations at Alton Towers resort attended by families and popular characters from the TV show. 
“We were delighted to be part of this Guinness World Records title attempt, it’s a little different to what we normally do. It was a big challenge to make but great fun”, said Dreamtex Managing Director Andy Duckworth.
Click below to meet Igglepiggle and his record-busting polar fleece blanket.