Capsule vending machines can often be found in most supermarkets and grocery stores in Malaysia and serve as an important piece of childhood nostalgia for many people.

With this is mind, Berjaya Times Square, a shopping mall and hotel complex in Kuala Lumpur, decided to celebrate its 10 th anniversary with an attempt to make the largest the world has ever seen.

Located at the mall’s Ground Floor Central, the vending machine was meticulously built over a period of seven weeks.


Guinness World Records Adjudicator, Jack Brockbank, travelled to Malaysia on 20 July 2013 to check the measurements of the machine and make sure that the official guidelines had been followed.

Height, diameter and internal volume were checked with the help of a qualified surveyor, and the functionality of the machine was also tested.

As an expectant crowd waited, Jack confirmed that the super-sized machine had indeed set a new world record with the capsule vending machine measuring 9 m 83 cm in height, with a diameter of 4 m 70 cm, and an internal volume of 22.52 m³.

The fully operational machine is currently on display in the mall as a prize-giving attraction, with large screen TVs, iPads and exclusive cash vouchers for stores within the shopping centre among the items available for visitors to win.

Speaking after the official Guiinness World Records certificate presentation, Berjaya Times Square’s executive director Koh Huey Min explained what setting the new title meant for the mall.

“Our marketing team had worked on this project for the past six months. We knew the ‘Largest capsule vending machine’ had struck the right note when we saw the joy on the faces of our shoppers each time they retrieved a capsule and a surprise toy was revealed,” said Koh.

“The Guinness World Records title that we have received today has undoubtedly put Berjaya Times Square in the world map and endorsed Berjaya Times Square as an international icon at par with most of the prestigious malls in the world,” he added.