The latest single from Swedigh DJ duo Dada Life is called "Born to Rage."

At a recent concert in Chicago's Aragon Ballroom, thousands of the group's fans agreed.

With the clock striking midnight, lasers lighting the room, and the DJs' beats providing a soundtrack to history, 3,813 partying concert-goers raged their way to the record for the largest pillow fight.

Pillow Fight 1.jpg

Dada Life incorporate pillow fighting into many of its live shows, so the group decided to take the idea to its max and involve its passionate fan base in helping secure a spot in history. The group promoted the attempt leading up to the show to generate extra buzz during its current U.S. tour.

By the time the epic pillow fight concluded, the Aragon found itself covered in nothing but record-breaking feathers.

Pillow fight 3.jpg

The group followed up its Guinness World Records title with the release of its newest single, "Born to Rage." Released in 39 different versions tailored for different dance music fans around the world, the single marks the latest chapter for the pair that has been active since 2006.

Want to know what it's like to be in the middle of a record-breaking blizzard of pillows? Then check out this teaser video of the night's festivities, courtesy of Dada Life.

The record it broke had stood for nearly five years, as the concert eclipsed the 3,706 participants at Minehead Butlins in Somerset, UK, from November 2008.