As part of the Vivid Sydney light festival in Australia this month, technology and event company 32 Hundred Lighting created the Largest interactive lighting display in the world using 2,105 lights.
Utilising their bespoke software, 32 Hundred Lighting created a spectacular interactive light installation called ‘Dress Circle’, which allowed visitors to light up the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Circular Quay railway station and nine major skyscrapers in a variety of different colours and patterns in their own personal two minute show.
Largest interactive lighting display Sydney Harbour bridge
Consisting of a staggering 105,104 individual LEDs, the spectacular display attracted hundreds of visitors who were keen to try it out.
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Solvej Malouf attended the event and confirmed the new record following a detailed verification process.
Largest interactive lighting display Sydney
Founder of 32 Hundred Lighting Iain Reed commented: “Our work making the Bridge and buildings interactive has been growing with each year of our involvement with Vivid. We always want to make each year bigger, better, more cutting edge, more beautiful and more exciting for users and visitors alike. We are absolutely thrilled to have been recognised by Guinness World Records and to have been given the opportunity through Vivid Sydney to create such a record for this incredible city.”
Largest interactive lighting display 32 Hundred Lighting