Showing nerves of steel, aerial artist Anna Cochrane recently set a new world record for the Highest static trapeze act, after successfully completing a routine at a breath-taking 3,159.25 m (10,365 ft) while suspended from a hot air balloon above the coast of Ashburton in New Zealand.
Guinness World Records can now confirm that Anna has successfully broken the previous record height by more than five times.

Highest static trapeze act performance
The ambulance office and Pilates instructor from New Zealand unfortunately suffered a dislocated rib only a couple of minutes into the challenging routine, but didn’t let this stop her from completing the five minute dance as required to take home the Guinness World Records title.
Highest static trapeze act silhouette
In her application form, Anna told Guinness World Records: “I have been practicing and performing ‘circus aerials’ for around seven years. I trained on the trapeze for a year leading up to the world record attempt.”
Highest static trapeze act hot air balloon
"I am really proud of how all the team of experts came together, it’s still unbelievable that it actually happened! A little part of me thought that this was all too big and it couldn’t happen but the whole thing went so smoothly. I am so lucky to have had the perfect people involved to help me achieve it!"

Anna attempted the risky routine because she wanted to raise money for the Big Brothers Big Sisters child mentoring scheme, and managed to collect $1,700 of donations.
Previously the highest static trapeze act measured 662 m (2,171 ft 0.94 in) and was achieved by Amanda Vicharelli (USA), John 'Chuck' Berry (New Zealand) and Johannes 'Jojo' Rose (Germany) in Xiaozhai Tiankeng Cave, China, on 2 October 2008.