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Are you ready for some beardiful records?

On 3 November 2023, moustache lovers from all around the United States flocked to Florida's world-famous Main Street Pier, in Daytona Beach, to celebrate all things beard. 

Every year, the National Beard and Moustache Championships, organized by Beard Team USA, welcomes old and new beard aficionados, reuniting owners of the most fan-stache-tic moustaches and beards. 

The hairy tradition certainly didn't change in 2023, when Beard Team USA tried some old chin whiskers records and experimented with new ones – setting two new world record titles and beating their own record for the longest beard chain

A whopping total of 89 people joined the chain, for a sequence of facial hair that measured almost 60 meters: roughly the same span as a 20-story building.

“It was really amazing,” said Bryan Nelson, Creative Director for Beard Team USA. 

Beard team posing for a picture

“Moreover, with the new chains there were a lot of unknowns, so that was fairly nerve-racking," Bryan explained.

Many families and curious spectators also joined the merry event on the pier, especially during record-breaking processes like creating the longest beard chain ever. 

Each year the Nationals and the longest beard chain attempts have grown in attendance. It's an event based on growing, after all! - Bryan Nelson

But the competition is, first and foremost, a chance for all beard and whiskers enthusiasts to be together, celebrate and enjoy a shared hobby.

“My favourite thing is definitely meeting the new 'beardos' and reuniting with old friends,” says Bryan.

The yearly National Beard and Moustache Championships is a nomadic type of event that travels to different areas of the United States for each edition.

"Because of that, we have the opportunity to discover amazing facial hair on people who have been growing them for who-knows-how-long, but had never yet considered competing.

"Usually, when new competitors show up and meet the community, they are hooked!”

Longest beard chain smiling

Longest beard chain 

After previously breaking the record with an impressive 45.99 m (150 ft 10.75 in) long chain of chin whiskers, the National Beard and Moustache Championships upped their previous record with a new result: a whopping 195 ft, 3 in (equivalent to over 59 metres).

That almost equals the wingspan of a Boeing 777, or two blue whales.

Thanks to new beardos joining the attempt, the 86-people chain successfully smashed the previous record title, which was achieved in 2022 with 69 participants.

“I think it looks extra crazy because it's so whacky to make a beard chain in the first place,” Bryan said. “But on top of that, there is the measuring, documenting, and all the official aspects of certifying the record title for Guinness World Records.”

Once everyone was tied up, the participants had to stay in place for at least 30 seconds for the record to be valid.

Moreover, every participant was required to sport a beard measuring at least 20 cm (7.8 in) in length.

Longest beard chain from pier

The previous longest beard chain was formed by facial hair aficionados from all over the United States who reunited in the city of Casper, Wyoming.

The night before the championships began, competitors kicked off festivities with a bar crawl around the city, which ended with 69 men caught up in a beard chain and a brand new world record.

@guinnessworldrecords Longest beard chain 🧔🏻‍♂️⛓️ 150 ft 10.75 in (45.99 m) by US National Beard and Moustache Championships 🇺🇸 #beard#beardstyle#beardsoftiktok#facialhair#guinnessworldrecords♬ HANDEL - ARRIVAL OF THE QUEEN OF SHEBA - Steven Openshaw

But how do you get 86 men bound at the beard? Well, that's easily explained! 

Every member of the chain was instructed to stand side by side, and their beard was separated into two sections. 

Then, each half was attached to the beard of the person standing beside them with a hair clip. 

What a beardiful way to start the competition!

Longest moustache chain looking at camera

Longest moustache chain

But wax your moustaches and grab your beard balms, because the championship also became a stage for some brand-new, exciting record titles that had never been attempted before.

That’s the case of this “all-moustache, no beards allowed” record: the longest moustache chain.

All the 27 participants in this unique moustache train flaunted a true and proper moustache, approved according to NBMC standards

“All facial hair growing from more than 3/4” past the corner of the mouth must be shaved," reads the website. 

In addition to that requirement, although every type of moustache is accepted, to qualify to participate in the record attempt the facial hair of the wearer must be 4 in (10 cm) or longer. 

The result was a majestic chain of curled, natural moustache measuring 20 ft, 4 in (over six metres).

“This attempt was really fun to watch,” said Bryan.

I heard one person call it "Extreme Moustache Chain Yoga" - Bryan

“The moustaches had to be a minimum of 4 inches long, and with the exception of a few very long ones, most were right about 4.5 or 5 inches, so the guys were basically cheek to cheek while connecting their moustaches.”

Moustache chain

“We came up with the system of staggering the participants like footsteps: one in front of one another, and then back again,” Bryan explains, showing how they organized the 27 moustache aficionados taking part in the chain.

“The participants in the front were tilting their necks backwards to try and keep the line while the people in the back were stretching their necks forward to do the same.

"We had to hold the line for several minutes while we documented the record, and some of those guys were stuck in very awkward positions!”

Partial beard chain

Longest partial beard chain 

This brand-new title included partial beards of any style, with 24 participants signing up to take part. 

The result was a chain of 42 ft, 8 in, the equivalent of 13 meters - that means, roughly as long as a Brachiosaurus!

All participants must flaunt a true partial beard, which can be anything from a three-pointed musketeer to a goatee, or even natural sideburns, with facial hair measuring at least 6 in or longer.

Longest beard chain smiling man

Racking up three world records during the event, Bryan and the Beard Team USA can indeed celebrate another successful year of hairy records. 

“The last time I shaved was August of 2005,” says Bryan, who takes care of his flourishing beard daily with love and dedication.

“My fiancée had never seen me clean-shaven, so I shaved off my old beard so she could see what she was getting into.”

Because my beard meets the required length, I have participated in the last two longest beard chain attempts (and contributed to achieving the world record!) - Bryan

The first-ever National Beard and Moustache Championships was held in 2010 in Bend, Oregon. 

"The NBMC is an opportunity to participate in community and enrollment in a larger-than-yourself group project, which seems beneficial for everybody's mental health."

Looking to the future, Bryan is eager to continue the tradition and assures that they will be bringing back the chain attempts.

“While slightly exhausting, it is so much fun to get together and succeed at setting and/or breaking a Guinness World Records title.”

I'm not sure how much longer we can keep the beard chain records, but we'll keep trying! - Bryan

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