split image of lulu lotus holding a microphone up to her nose and lulu lotus headshot

LuLu Lotus is blowing everyone away with her fascinating talent. 

The Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, native can reach a pitch of 44.1 decibel(s) (C-weighted) with her nose, making it the loudest nose whistle in the world. 

That’s as loud as a birdcall!

LuLu first discovered her skill as a child when she was about seven years old. 

“I discovered my ability to create whimsical melodies with my nose,” she said. 

"I couldn’t resist the temptation to play pranks on teachers and classmates at school.”

LuLu said everyone would scramble to pinpoint the source of the mysterious whistling sound, with one teacher even venturing into the hallway, convinced that it was coming from outside. 

LuLu is able to nose whistle by using her throat muscles to control the way that air flows out of her nose. 


If she keeps her mouth open, the sound comes out of her mouth instead. 

By shutting her mouth, the sound exits through her nose. 

After watching Steve Aoki’s documentary, which mentioned his Guinness World Records title as the most-travelled musician in one year, LuLu decided that she too wanted to attempt a record. 

“That moment sparked my curiosity, and I began to wonder if there was a record for nose whistling,” said LuLu. 

To my sheer delight, I discovered that indeed, there was a Guinness World Records category for the loudest nose whistle.

Instantly, LuLu knew she had to seize the incredible opportunity.

On 2 June 2022, LuLu arrived at Aercoustics Engineering Ltd. to attempt the record. 

“Inside a room designed for precision sound recording, I marvelled at the advanced technology and the staff's expertise,” she said. 

“Surprisingly, the meeting concluded faster than anticipated, leaving me delighted to reunite with my sons after a successful endeavour.” 

LuLu said she would not have been able to achieve the record title without the help of acoustic engineer Payam, who offered to assist her pro bono.

To measure the sound of her nose whistle, LuLu needed a complex and expensive device, costing several thousand dollars. 


Undeterred, she embarked on a mission to find assistance before stumbling across Aercoustics Engineering Ltd. in Mississauga.

When LuLu reached out to them for guidance, they graciously offered to support her.

The record attempt was meticulously measured using a Brüel & Kjær 2250 sound level meter, a class one precision instrument in strict accordance with IC standards.

This equipment was certified and calibrated to guarantee the utmost accuracy and reliability in capturing LuLu's nose-whistling achievement.

Aside from being thrilled to have accomplished the record title, LuLu was extremely excited to learn about her nose-whistling ability on a technical level. 

She did not know that the nose whistle sound could be measured and thought it was an amazing learning process.

As soon as LuLu received the news of her newfound record title, she shared it with family and friends. 

“They were all so excited and happy for me,” she said. 

My five and six-year-old sons said they really wanted to achieve their own records one day.

Although LuLu has not thought about attempting another Guinness World Records title, she says she would definitely be interested in pursuing anything related to her nose-whistling skill. 

She would also be delighted if her son attempted the record title, who she discovered has the same exact ability to nose whistle.

“I would love to attempt an even louder whistle,” said LuLu. 

“After discovering my five-year-old son’s ability, it would be a dream come true if he beat my record one day.”

LuLu says she grew up poring over Guinness World Records books and was inspired by extraordinary achievements, such as the daring feats of the Lizard Man, whose story even motivated her to have her tongue split. 

Little did she know that one day she too would have the chance to make it into the very same book that had fuelled her childhood dreams.

“This Guinness World Records attempt is not only a celebration of my unique talent but also a tribute to the incredible support of friends, the kindness of strangers, and my lifelong dream of making my mark in the Guinness World Records book,” said LuLu. 

It's a journey that represents the magic of dreams coming true against all odds, and I couldn't be more excited to share it with the world.

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