split image of Sandro doing handstand pushups

Strength and conditioning coach Sandro Parulava (Georgia) has broken one of the most physically-demanding world records in existence: the most consecutive handstand push ups.

Sandro performed a total of 61 to surpass the previous record of 52, set by Viktor Nabok (Ukraine) in 2019.

A single handstand push up consists of the challenger being in a full handstand, then bending the arms at an angle of at least 90 degrees before straightening them. If the challenger loses balance or touches the ground with any body part other than their palms, the attempt is over.

Sandro’s record attempt features in the latest episode of our YouTube series Records Weekly, which you can watch below.

“For me, the handstand is the epitome of athleticism and high neuromuscular control,” Sandro said.

“I like handstand push ups conceptually by their very nature. You have to control all segments of your body in every single movement in order to not lose balance.”

Sandro said the hardest part of preparing for this record attempt was maintaining a regular daily routine that enabled him to consistently have time to train.

He did three years of “hard, specialized” training, and during the last year, he worked out six days per week, never skipping a session despite suffering minor injuries in his right hand and shoulder.

Sandro doing handstand

As a strength coach with over a decade of experience, Sandro wanted to break this record to put his teachings into practice. He said: “It is important for me to prove that with a systematic and constant approach it is possible to achieve high results in any business.

“I love studying sports adaptology; how the body responds to training stimuli, adapts to them, and improves its athletic phenotype.”

Sandro with his hands on hips

Sandro is “incredibly happy” to have earned his first Guinness World Records title, and he’s planning to soon attempt two other similar records: the most handstand push ups in one minute (currently held by Feras Alahmad (Syria) with a total of 66), and the most handstand push ups in three minutes (held by Siarhei Kudayeu (Belarus), who achieved a total of 91).

I want to say that accustoming yourself to voluntary self-discipline is the shortest way to a quality life. The path I travelled on my way to the Guinness World Records title has taken my discipline and focus on goals to a new high. I am immensely grateful for this path, and I continue to move forward! - Sandro

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