split image of mateo lopez in charro suit and singing with microphone in hand

Nine-year-old Mateo Lopez was born to be a star. 

The young musician has been performing mariachi music since he was 4 years and 236 days old, making him the world’s youngest mariachi singer.


Mateo’s parents say that as a baby, he first showed signs of talent when he would twirl his feet in the car seat whenever he would hear music. 

As soon as he began speaking, he started to memorize songs.

The San Antonio, Texas, USA native says he was very young when he discovered his love for his culture and mariachi music. 

“My sister plays violin in a mariachi, and I remember watching her practise and perform,” said Mateo. 

There was a moment at four years old that I remember her mariachi playing a song called 'El Relampago' and I had my small guitar, and I started to play it and had so much fun.

Mateo now plays guitar, piano, and the harp. 


He also has a vocal coach and enjoys practising when he’s in the car or when there isn’t much else to do.

His training schedule is very busy with guitar lessons on Mondays, mariachi practice on Tuesdays, and acting lessons on Fridays.

“On Wednesdays, we go over songs with him and Thursdays he typically has off,” said Mateo’s parents. 

“His vocal lessons are about an hour away from home.”

Before performing, Mateo engages in vocal warmups either with his vocal coach Michelle Quintero, or by using his dad’s phone. 

Mateo’s parents say his first performance was a bit frightening for them. 


“I think we were more nervous than he was being that he was only four years old,” they said.

“He got up on that stage and sang his little heart out. After he was done there were no words that could describe the feeling we had as parents.”

Mateo says his favourite thing about singing is interpreting songs and singing falsettos because he enjoys seeing the crowd’s reaction.

“What goes through my mind is the lyrics of the songs and how I can inspire others to do the same,” he said. 

I like to take control of the stage.

Mateo says he likes to energize the audience by singing his high notes and having the audience sing along if they know the words to the song. 


Although Mateo doesn’t have a particular song that he enjoys singing, he says he likes to sing "Como Mexico No Hay Dos" when he is happy and "Cielo Rojo" when he is sad.

However, Mateo’s mom enjoys watching him perform “Faye Corazon,” while his dad loves to hear him sing “Camino de Guanajuato.”

“There are no words that can describe the feeling we get when we see Mateo perform,” said his parents. 

“Every performance is unique in its own way, and every time we have to fight tears of joy.”

Mateo also enjoys listening to reggaeton and pop music.

In fact, one of his wishes is to someday perform mariachi duets with Maluma and Luis Miguel. 


Recently, Mateo recorded a song with Kelly Clarkson. 

“We did 'A Mi Manera', which means 'My Way' in Spanish,” said Mateo. 

“It was so good that we recorded it and it’s on all music platforms.”

In 2022, Mateo also performed on Lo Show dei Record, and was excited to tell his friends about his Guinness World Records title. They were all happy and excited for him. 

“I remember them saying that they knew someone famous,” said Mateo’s parents. 

“Especially when the book was released at the school book fair.”

Next, Mateo would like to perforn the longest falsetto anyone has ever heard and hopes to someday play Miguel in a live-action version of the Disney movie Coco


“Maybe one day Mateo might find it in him to break another one,” they said. 

“And as parents, we will have to be there to help support his journey.” 

Mateo’s parents also say it’s important to let your child guide whatever journey they choose to embark on. 

"As parents, witnessing Mateo achieve a Guinness World Records title is not just a moment of pride, but a testament to the extraordinary joy that parenthood brings,” said Mateo’s dad, Adalberto Lopez.

We are proud of this remarkable accomplishment, and it is a reflection of the boundless possibilities that unfold when we nurture, support, and believe in our children's dreams.

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