split image of Thomas Busch

Ingenious engineer Thomas Busch (Germany) has created a Nerf-style minigun capable of shooting a whopping 684 darts per minute – that’s over 11 per second!

Dubbed the MOAB (Mother of All Blasters), it has set a world record for the fastest motorized foam dart gun sustained fire rate.

While the darts fly at a speed of 20 m/s (44.7 mph), which is roughly the same as a standard Nerf blaster, the MOAB’s rate of fire is much faster. “It does hurt a bit,” Thomas admits.

The MOAB's remarkable performance owes much to its gatling-style mechanics, a concept that had long intrigued Thomas.

“A lot of people modify and tune their Nerf blaster, and there are over a thousand different models available. I always wondered why nobody has ever built a Nerf blaster which uses gatling mechanics because it would allow a way higher firing rate, so I decided to build my own,” he explained.

Thomas was confident that he could construct a blaster with a fire rate higher than any other, so he decided to prove it by setting a world record.

Thomas shooting MOAB

The development of the MOAB took two years of Thomas's free time. Most of its components were 3D-printed, and its mechanics were modelled after those of real miniguns like the M134.

Powered by a one-kilowatt brushless motor, the MOAB boasts numerous features, including a dart bag capable of holding 500 darts, granting the blaster a high degree of mobility.

After setting a record with the MOAB, Thomas has already created an improved version, enhancing its durability and fire rate. He strategically relocated the motor to the main shaft, where it can harness the most power, and he believes that the blaster is now robust enough to fire at least 50 darts per second.

Thomas has also developed a slightly larger motor with a different gear ratio, which he says has the potential to achieve an astonishing 100 darts per second.

The upgraded MOAB

Thomas plans to break his own record with the upgraded MOAB in the near future, and he hopes that his current record will motivate other hobbyists to “build even better blasters” to break his record.

“I’m overwhelmed by how many people are interested in this over-engineered monstrosity,” Thomas said.

“I really like it a lot, and it’s nice to see that other people enjoy it too. I must say, firing it is even more fun.”

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