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It’s very likely you’ve seen Kit Kat the acting cat in a TV commercial or a social media campaign… but have you seen him skipping?

The 13-year-old tabby set the record for most skips by a cat in one minute with the help of his loving owner and dedicated trainer Trisha Seifried (USA).

Kit Kat jumped the rope nine times in 60 seconds, cementing his place in the history books.

He’d been training for this moment his whole life.

Animal trainer and talent producer Trish rescued Kit Kat when she found him and his siblings in a barn with their mother.

The kittens were thought to be just four weeks old when Trish took the feline family to a farm, where Kit Kat soon began training for his showbiz career.

Trish said: “By six months old Kit Kat was jumping rope in front of huge crowds of people at the farm, helping to bust myths that cats can’t be trained.”

Trish runs a leading talent agency for animals, and her own brand, and has been working as a professional animal trainer for years.

kit kat jumping with trish seifried

Her animal actors have starred in adverts for major brands and travel the country with her to attend conferences and stage workshops.

Kit Kat once starred in a social media campaign for Friskies cat food, travelling across USA to battle it out against basketball mascots playing an iPad game for cats.

You can see that video here:

He’s also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Skipping is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Kit Kat’s talents.

The domestic medium hair buff tabby can do around 20 tricks, including giving high fives, waving, spinning, meowing on command, going to a mark and touching with his paw.

But of course, skipping is his signature move.

kit kat showing off his skipping skills

Trish said: “Jumping rope is definitely his most impressive trick, however because of his age we do keep his jumping to a minimum. I would say his favourite trick now is high five, he loves high fiving all his fans at events!”

Kit Kat learned to skip and do his other tricks with the help of plenty of treats and positive reinforcement. It was just six weeks before he was confidently jumping rope.

“He loves to learn, when treats are involved he puts his whole heart into it,” Trish said. “He will spin around with excitement and try to offer all of the things he knows!”

She added: “Kit Kat LOVES performing his tricks! He has been performing since he was a tiny kitten and you can tell how excited he is to get out on the floor to show off his stuff. 

kit kat with trainer trish seifried

I’ve never seen another cat work as hard and long as he does. He gives it his all no matter what he is doing! He purrs non-stop and loves to please others!

Kit Kat’s favourite reward is Tiki Cat Stix, closely followed by chicken, and he’s a very sweet boy who shows Trish lots of love and attention.

She said: “Kit Kat is the most affectionate cat, he is everyone’s best friend. He loves to head bonk other cats and people upon greeting them! 

kit kat and trish celebrating

“We also joke that Kit Kat is a hot blond jock because he is always ready to go and work his little heart out and everyone thinks he is the most handsome cat around!”

Kit Kat lives in Missouri with Trish and many of the cats, dogs and birds she’s rescued from the streets and from shelters over the years.

Trish said: “Kit Kat is truly one of a kind with a heart of gold! We often tell him that he was an angel sent from above! 

“We only wanted him to be remembered for the amazing cat that he is and we couldn’t be more thrilled and honoured to be a part of Guinness World Records! It’s an honour of a lifetime.”

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