split image of Li Zhihao juggling cubes

22-year-old Li Zhihao (China) has once again broken the record for the fastest time to solve three rotating puzzle cubes whilst juggling, shaving 13 seconds off his previous record to achieve a time of 3 minutes 16 seconds.

Li's record attempt took place on the set of our televised talent show, Lo Show dei Record.

Performing the puzzle cube juggle requires immense mental and physical skill. In addition to keeping track of three simultaneous cube solves, the challenger must maintain a perfect juggling rhythm because no ‘multiplexing’ is allowed. This means that if two cubes are caught in the same hand at the same time, the attempt is ended.

When Li first broke the record in July 2022, with a time of 3 min 29 sec, he became the first person to do it in under four minutes.

Before Li, the record belonged to Angel Alvarado (Colombia), who achieved it in 2021 with a time of 4 min 52 sec, and then broke it again in May 2022 with a time of 4 min 31 sec.

And before Angel, the record was held by Que Jianyu (China), who achieved a time of 5 min 2 sec in 2018, a year after setting a record of 5 min 6 sec.

Li is now the third successive person to break the record twice in a row. Given how fast he is compared to everyone else so far, he may go on to become the first person to break it three times in a row.

Li is an extremely skilled speedcuber, and he’s broken several Guinness World Records titles in the past.

He doesn’t just solve cubes while juggling; he can also do it upside down, underwater, and as part of a team. 

Here are the records he still holds:

  • Most rotating puzzle cubes solved whilst suspended upside down – 195
  • Most rotating puzzle cubes solved using one hand while suspended upside down – 104
  • Fastest time to solve a rotating puzzle cube (3x3x3) by a team of two under water – 18.93 seconds, with Yi Jiaxi

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