Pringles superfan smashes record after collecting hundreds of flavours

By Eleonora Pilastro
pringles tubes and guillem

Everybody knows Pringles, originally known as "Pringle's Newfangled Potato Chips," the US-born brand of potato-based chips invented in 1968. 

After a long 12 years of design and polishing, the saddle-shaped chips became a snacking phenomenon thanks to their unique flavour and stackable hyperbolic paraboloid shape. 

That’s how Guillem Ignasi Bauza Cabot, from the city of Palma, in Majorca, Spain, started his record-breaking, unusual collection.

In May 2023, owning an outstanding 263 individual Pringles tubes, Guillem officially achieved the title of largest collection of Pringles tubes

Guillem and pringles

The classic flavour in the red packaging might be the most famous one overall, but there are plenty of different kinds of Pringles: sold in over 140 countries and featuring many regional types, there are Pringles tubes for all tastes and occasions. 

Over time, the brand also expanded to other snacks, such as tortillas, and experimented with daring limited-edition combinations. 

With such a wide choice of flavours and chips, Guillem’s tube-tastic collection began almost by chance. 

An avid fan of the famous saddle-shaped chips brand, he started buying every Pringles tubes that caught his eye and wasn't yet part of his collection.

''This collection started so long ago I don't even remember the exact year,” he said.

pringles tubes with fan editions

Guillem dates the beginning of his collection "somewhere between 2010 and 2015."

"I was on a break from my acting classes when I went to a nearby store to get a tube of Pringles.”

From curious and bold flavours like Roast Beef and Mustard to several versions of the classics, Guillem’s collection is indeed impressive. It features event-specific rare editions, too, like the Fan edition, the Disco range and the Ice Hockey edition. 

He also owns a giant tube of Pringles, the ever-expanding Passport range and plenty of special tortilla editions.

Passport flavors of Pringles

The life-changing tube of Pringles that kickstarted the collection was a Hot & Spicy Christmas package. 

“One of the tubes was the Hot & Spicy flavour and it was Christmas-themed, with the image of the Pringles shooting chillies as if they were fireworks. At the top of the tube, I could read ‘limited edition’.”

I asked a friend why did they do that. He said ‘In case someone wants to collect them, I guess’ so I kept it and started my collection. - Guillem

After that, his collection kept growing.

“That went on until I just bought any tube I saw that I didn't have,” he explained. 

Guillem tried to break the record twice before, until he noticed that someone had already broken it and realized that he had to take his chance. 

“I recently saw how someone already got the record, so I thought it was time to break it," he said.

Pringles tubes with original

His collection surpassed the one previously achieved by prolific record holder Salacnib "Sonny" Molina (United States), who achieved 256 tubes of the famous potato-based chips in 2021. 

He keeps his collection in his so-called “man cave," located in the basement of his house.

The snacks remind him of his mother, who would buy him the chips whenever he was sick.

"I seemed to get better every time she brought me them!” he explained in the section of Guinness World Records 2024 dedicated to his record-breaking endeavors.

pringles tube with paprika

Sonny’s favourite type of Pringles is “anything cheese,” and the most prized item in his collection is a yellow tube for the Rippled Style. 

It dates back to the early 1980s!

Ever since he received his first edition of the Guinness World Records book when he was a child, Sonny has pursued an ambitious dream: to collect more collection records than anyone else in the world. 

In 2016, after moving to the United States, he reached his dream of becoming a Guinness World Records title holder, and certainly hasn’t stopped there.

Although Sonny was dethroned from his Pringles record, he still has plenty of amazing achievements under his belt. 

Sonny and his pringles tubes

An avid puppeteer, among other titles, Sonny notably owns the record largest collection of finger puppets

Even more amazingly, he has broken the record twice: once in 2021 and once again in January 2023.

“It reminds me of my childhood days when my mom would buy them for me,” he said.

Other records broken by Sonny are:

  • Most lanyards worn at once - 509
  • Largest collection of miniatureskateboards - 1,520
  • Largest collection of salt and pepper sachets - 395
  • Largest collection of leather postcards - 1,043

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