split image of andrew stanton lifting cupcake with his eye sockets and dragging a car with his eye sockets

A record holder with an eye for unusual talents now holds two new record titles. 

Andrew Stanton of Nevada, USA, who was on Lo Show dei Record on 3 February, accomplished the heaviest weight pulled with the eye sockets and the heaviest weight lifted by both eye sockets while swallowing a sword


A very surprised audience watched on as Andrew pulled an astonishing 2,413 kg (5,319.75 Ib) with his eye sockets in an eye-popping record attempt!

“I’ve been training for about 20 years to do this,” he said. 

I began with very light weights and began adding more and more weight, and now I can pull a car and I’m very satisfied.

According to Guinness World Records official Adjudicator Marco Frigatti, Andrew was required to pull the car for at least 10 metres (32.808 feet) to beat the previous record of 411.65 kg (907 Ib), held since 2012 by “The Space Cowboy” Chayne Hultgren of Australia.


Making the attempt even more astonishing was that a driver was sitting in the front seat of the automobile, adding to the almost two-and-a-half tonnes Andrew pulled with his eye sockets.

After taking a few deep breaths, Andrew attached a hook to each one of his eye sockets and slowly began to pull the red Cadillac.

With his trusty assistant Cupcake guiding him, Andrew pulled the car over 10 metres (32.808 feet) and smashed the long-standing record, becoming the new record holder for the heaviest weight pulled with the eye sockets.

The audience cheered on as Andrew and Cupcake embraced, ecstatic about his newfound record title!


“Andrew Stanton has pulled 2,413 kg (5,319.75 Ib) for 10 metres (32.808 feet) with his eye sockets and is now a Guinness World Records title holder,” said Marco as he presented Andrew with a certificate. 

You are Officially Amazing. Very impressive!

Three days later on 6 February, Andrew again gave the audience quite the sight when he achieved his second record title on Lo Show dei Record by lifting 58.80 kg (129.63 Ib) while swallowing a sword.

“Today our friend Cupcake isn’t just Andrew’s assistant,” said Lo Show dei Record host Gerry Scotti.

“She will be the protagonist along with a sword in a dangerous and difficult record attempt.”


Official Guinness World Records Adjudicator Sofia Greenacre explained that Andrew would be attempting the record for the heaviest weight lifted by both eye sockets while swallowing a sword

“What’s really important is that Cupcake is lifted at least 10 centimetres (3.937 inches) off the ground for five seconds,” said Sofia.

In order to achieve this record, it has to be at least 50 kilos (110.231 pounds). The combined weight of Cupcake and the chains is 58.80 kg (129.63 Ib).

Andrew again took a few deep breaths before completely engulfing a sword and squatting down to attach a hook to each eye socket.


Slowly, he pulled up Cupcake using his eye sockets, sustaining the weight for a nerve-wracking five seconds. 

“It’s crazy,” said Gerry.

“Seen live it’s terrifying!”

Sofia declared that the record was a success, making Andrew the very first record holder for the heaviest weight lifted by both eye sockets while swallowing a sword

“Congratulations Andrew and Cupcake,” she said. 

You’re Officially Amazing!


We can’t wait to set our eyes on what record title Andrew achieves next!

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