Funko Pop! fan's $1 million collection started through his love of horror movies

By Aliciamarie Rodriguez

Everyone is a fan of something. 

David Mebane from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, happens to be a fan of Funko Pop! figurines. 

With 7,095 figurines, he has the largest collection of Funko Pop! figurines in the world.

He first began collecting them in 2014 and started off his collection with a Jason Voorhees figurine. 

However, he’s been collecting horror movie toys for over 20 years. 

David also owns multiple grails, or really rare figurines that are highly sought after.

“I love all the horror genre Pops!,” said David. 

I also have over 250 autographed Pops! They are among my favourites.


David said he chose to collect Funko Pop! figurines because they cover so many pop culture genres that he loves.

He chose Funko Pop! figurines mainly because the figures look great and display really well. 

It’s taken him about 10 years to amass his Funko Pop! collection, consisting of 7,095 figurines as of 15 November 2020. 

“My Pops! Have basically taken over my entire place, as well as my girlfriend’s,” said David. 

I try to display all my signed ones and my grails.


Each week, David looks for more horror grails as well as the latest cool drops.

He and his girlfriend keep a running log of his collection and take photos each week, to help keep him from buying duplicates. 

David says the overall value of his Funko Pop! collection is around $1 million. 

“I own several grails. My signed grails are my most valuable,” he said.

I'm hoping to get a bigger place in the near future, to display my entire collection.


David was ecstatic when he became a Guinness World Records title holder and said his girlfriend screamed when he broke the news to her. 

His friends and family were also blown away.

Moving forward, David would like to continue growing both his Funko Pop! collection and his horror movie toys collection.

“My only advice to anyone attempting my record would be to stay diligent, collecting is a way of life,” he said. 

And have a good job! Collecting is expensive!


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