On November 2021, this little (but larger-than-life) player achieved the most basketball slam dunks in 30 seconds by a guinea pig, with a number of 4 slam dunks. 

Molly is a little brown guinea pig who lives in Dombóvár, Hungary, with her owner Emma Müller.

"Molly absolutely loves to play basketball," says her owner about Molly's passion for sport and activity. 

To anybody watching the adorable video of Molly's attempt, it’s clear that the little guinea pig is set on a goal, running back and forth to pile up slam dunks and race against time to break a world record.

But, for Molly, it’s all good fun and time she gets to spend with her mum playing tricks. 

Molly the guinea pig lifting a sphere

Even more importantly, by playing, Molly gets new stimuli and that important exercise that little guinea pigs need to live a happy life. 

Seeing this domestic cavy running around and interacting with her mum will surely bring a smile to your face, but it's also a reminder that these animals are active and full of energy, and are not meant to live in a cage.

And, even if it's all a game for little Molly, she smashed the challenge and the Guinness World Records title.

The set-up included a set of little 4.4 cm diameter plastic spheres, indicators of distance and a tiny basket for Molly to perform her tricks.

Although Emma is delighted with the result, four wasn't Molly's best result on the basketball court to date. According to her, on some days, Molly can go up to eight slam dunks in thirty seconds. 

However, four was more than enough to make Molly OFFICIALLY AMAZING™!

We can’t wait to see if this adorable record holder will best her own record, or go for more challenges in the future.

In the meantime, let's go through some of our favourite too-cute-to-handle animal records.

Most basketball slam dunks by a rabbit

Bini the Bunny

Remaining on the basketball court, Bini the Bunny has been a champion since 2016.

Bunnies are much smarter and faster than people give them credit for, and Bini's dad Shai Asor (USA) wanted to prove it. 

Thanks to many hours of playing and incredible skills (and, we can only imagine, a lot of carrots!), Bini broke the record for most basketball slam dunks in one minute by a rabbit, lining up 7 slam dunks! 

The Holland Lop rabbit achieved this amazing goal in California, USA, on 31 October 2016. 

This particular record has served as a predecessor and example for Molly’s attempt, and the two rodents now share the podium of GWR adorable basketball records.

His trainer, Shai Asor, is incredibly proud of Bini and discovered that the bunny's talents are far from limited to the world of sports.

Although Bini surely loves to shoot hoops, give him a brush, a white canvas and some colorful shades to play with and he’ll create a masterpiece.

Lollipop sashimi and jellybean with certificate picture

Lollipop and Sashimi

The unlikely friendship between the Bengal cat Sashimi and the Boston terrier Lollipop is unbreakable, fun and record-breaking

The duo is inseparable, and you might see them scoot around together.

Their scooting adventure started as an impromptu trick, much to their owner's surprise, but it quickly developed into an amazing skill.

On 19 September 2020, together, they smashed the record for the fastest 5m on a scooter by a dog and cat (pair) with a time of 4.37 seconds and became starts of Guinness World Records 2022.

They live in Ontario, Canada, with their mum and trainer Melissa Millet and their fur siblings. 

Jullybean and Melissa playing


But Sashimi and Lollipop aren’t the only record holders in Melissa’s household. 

Jellybean is a beautiful, smart and lively 4-year-old pup. Just like his brother Lollipop, he’s deaf. 

However, he didn’t let his condition stop him from becoming a true star! 

Jellybean broke two records: most bounce passes of a basketball between a human and dog in 30 seconds (21) and fastest 5m pushing a basketball by a dog (10.31 seconds)

Many deaf or disabled dogs are abandoned or put to sleep due to the incorrect assumption that they can’t be trained. 

However, Lollipop and Jellybean prove that statement wrong every day and are ambassadors for the adoption of deaf or disabled puppies around the world.

Read more about Melissa's talented pups here!